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604 - ARABIA with Teri


The Classic Rock Hour


am 25.09.2020 bei radio AGORA 105,5 

am 27.09.2020 bei Radio Flora

am 29.09.2020 bei Radio OP

am 01.10.2020 bei Radio Proton

am 25.09.2020 bei radio AGORA 105,5
von 2100-2200 
auf 105.5 MHz 
oder im livestream


am bei Radio Flora von 1300-1400 
(Wh.: 10.09.2020 zwischen 2000-2200)

im livestream


am 29.09.2020 bei Radio OP von 2300-2400 

in Oberpullendorf auf 98,8 MHz

oder im livestream


am 31.09.2020 bei Radio Proton von 2200-2300 

in Bludenz/Walgau/Montafon auf 104,6 MHz
in Feldkirch/Götzis/Vorderland auf 104,3 MHz

in Dornbirn/Ems/Lustenau auf 101,1 Mhz

in Bregenz/Hofsteig/Hard auf 92,7 Mhz

oder im livestream



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The Classic Rock Hour 


Nr. 604 – ARABIA with Teri


In this program I have with Teri Rice a guest again. She was one of my classamtes during a year of study in ITaly way back in the Nineties.


Teri moved with her family a year ago from the USA to Dubai/UAE and chose as the theme of her program „Arabia“. So all songs have some connection to Arabic countries, topics or music. This creates a very interesting and refreshing mix of songs.


Here we go again: Rock on!



PS: Yes, this program will be presented in English again;)





1.            The Beatles – The Sheik of Araby 
          Anthology (1961) 


2.            Dick Del & the Del Tones – Miserlou 

 Surfer´s Choice (1962)


3.            NANO and the 6-2-4 – Drive My Car

 Single (2018)


4.            David Bowie – ThE Secret Life of Arabia 

 Heroes (1977)


5.            Madness – Night Boat To Cairo

 One Step Beyond (1979)


6.            Santana – The Nile 

                   Shangó (1982)


7.            Mike Batt – Insh´allah
          Schiozphonia (1977) 


8.            The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black
          Single (1966) 


9.            Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

                           Physical Graffiti (1975­­) 


10.        Mayssa Kara – White Rabbit
          Soundtrack White Hustle (2013) 


11.        The Clash – Rock The Casbah
          Combat Rock (1982) 




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