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371 en - Joel Duhon - Drummer of Ulrich Ellison and Tribe

The Classic Rock Hour
on 08.04.2016 radio AGORA 105,5 
on 09.04.2016 Radio Ypsilon
on 10.04.2016 Radio Flora
on 11.04.2016 Radio Wanderbühne
on 12.04.2016 Radio OP
on 14.04.2016 Radio Proton

on 08.04.2016  radio AGORA 105,5
2100-2200 CEST on FM 105.5 MHz 

on 09.04.2016  Radio Ypsilon 2100-2200 CEST
(repeat on 15.04.2016 on 1100-1200 CEST)
in Hollabrunn auf 94.5 MHz, in Retz and Znojmo on FM 102.2MHz
oder im livestream

on Radio Flora 1300-1400 CEST
(repeat 15.04.2016 2000-2200)

on 04.04.2016 Radio Wanderbühne 1900-2000 CEST
(repeat  0100-0200, 0700-0800 and 1300-1400 CEST)
on 12.04.2016 Radio OP 2300-2400 CEST
in Oberpullendorf on FM 98,8 MHz

on 14.04.2016 Radio Proton 2200-2300 CEST
in Bludenz/Walgau/Montafon on FM 104,6 MHz
and in Feldkirch/Götzis/Vorderland on FM 104,3 MHz

You can listen to the programm after 09.04.2016 on the CBA, the archive of the Austrian community radio stations:

The Classic Rock Hour

Nr. 371: Joel Duhon - Drummer
              of Ulrich
Ellison and Tribe  

Follow this link to listen to the programme:  

About a year ago drummer Joel Duhon joined the band of Austrian born guitarist Ulrich Ellison. Ulrich is living since nine years in Austin/Texas and has just received the Austin Music Award as best guitar Player and  Ulrich Elison and Tribe" has been named as best Blues band. And a few days ago their new album „Rise Up Form The Ashes“ has been released.

Joel ist a permanent member of the band since he joined the "Tribe" and very enthusiastic about his job. He is full of praise for the other band members. Joel can be heard on the new album next to Ulrich, Sabine Ellison on bass and Jan Fleming, the new Keyboarder of the "Tribe".

Joel Duhon describes himself as a „Rock´n´Roller“ and has been active in the Texas and international music scene for many years.  He has played with many famous blues, rock and bluesrock musicians. Samples can be heard in this edition of ABSOLUTE ROCK as well as some new songs of the new album "Rise Up From the Ashes" by "Ulrich Ellison and Tribe".

"Ulrich Ellison and Tribe" represent Austria (and Austin of course) at the European Blues Contest near Siena in Italy. Afterwards their European tour starts, which will lead them through ten European countries and will last until the end of May. The first concert will take place at the BLUESIANA  in Velden on April 14th. 

Enjoy listening, und rock on!

1.           Ulrich Ellison and Tribe – Overture / Traveller
                    Rise Up From The Ashes (2016)

2.          Van Wilks – Bombay Tears
                    Bombay Tears (1980)
    3.          Mason Ruffner – Baby I Don´t Care No More
                     So Far (2008)

4.          Bobby Mack & Night Train – So Low Down
        Honeytrap (1993)

5.          Alan Haynes – My Bleeding Heart
         VA – Masters Of Blues – Tribute To Elmore James (1996)

6.          Disraeli – Show Me

    7.          Jonny Crain - Today

8.          Jimi Lee (Show) – Working Too Hard

     9.           Ulrich Ellison and Tribe – Change Of A Man
                    Rise Up From The Ashes (2016)

10.        Ulrich Ellison and Tribe – Texas Town Cent
 Rise Up From The Ashes (2016)

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