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348 - Great Gigs At the Bluesiana

ABSOLUTE ROCK  The Classic Rock Hour

am 30.10.2015 bei radio AGORA 105,5 
am 31.10.2015 bei Radio Ypsilon
am 01.11.2015 bei Radio Flora
am 02.11.2015 bei Radio Wanderbühne
am 03.11.2015 bei Radio OP
am 05.11.2015 bei Radio Proton

Am 30.10.2015 bei radio AGORA 105,5
von 2100-2200 auf 105.5 MHz
oder im livestream 
Am 31.10.2015 bei Radio Ypsilon von 2100-2200
(Wh.: 06.11.2015 von 1100-1200)
in Hollabrunn auf 94.5 MHz, in Retz und Znojmo auf 102.2
oder im livestream http://www.radioypsilon.at/

Am 01.11.2015 bei Radio Flora von 1300-1400
(Wh.: 13.11.2015 zwischen 2000-2200)
im livestream www.radioflora.de

Am 02.11.2015 bei Radio Wanderbühnevon 1900-2000 
(Wh. am 03.11.2015 von 0100-0200, 0700-0800 und 1300-1400)

Am 03.11.2015 bei Radio OP von 2300-2400
in Oberpullendorf auf 98,8 MHz
oder im livestream http://radioop.at

Am 05.11.2015 bei Radio Proton von 2200-2300
in Bludenz/Walgau/Montafon auf 104,6 MHz
und in Feldkirch/Götzis/Vorderland auf 104,3 MHz
oder im livestream http://www.radioproton.at


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The Classic Rock Hour
Nr. 348: Great Gigs At The Bluesiana
For a change this program is done in English. I take a look bacgk at three very recent concerts at Velden´s Bluesiana.  Thank you, gudrun Kofler, for getting all this people here. Please, rock on!!!

Ryan McGarvey performered there on the 8th of October. You can listen to two tracks from his latest studio album „The Road Chosen“ which was released last autumn and a cover version of a Led Zeppelin classic live from Velden, which we had the pleasure to listen to as encore.

On the 16th of October „Banned From Utopia“ with four former Frank Zappa Band-members visited the world famous club on the shores oft he beautiful Wörther See. And this concert was really fantastic!

Ulrich Ellsion & Tribe are regular visitors to Velden, too.  But this concert was different and unique. It was announced as „The living Room Concert“ featuring with Hermann Posch and Jürgen Posch two well known Austrian musicians. And very special it was. Hope you can catch some of the atmosphere of this performance with my live recording of „Scarborough Fair“ with Ulrich on solo acoustic guitar.

So: Rock On!



1.             Ryan McGarvey  
The Road Chosen (2014)

2.             Ryan McGarvey 
The Road Chosen (2014)

3.      Ryan McGarvey 
Self recording form performance at the Bluesiana in Velden on 8th of October 2015

4.     Banned From Utopia – Freeway Vigilante
So Yuh Don´t Like Modern (2002)

5.     Banned From Utopia – Filthy Habits
So Yuh Don´t Like Modern (2002)

6.     Frank Zappa  – Whippin Post   
Them Or Us (1984)

7.     Ulrich Ellison & Tribe – Chasing Down Your Dream
Live At The Treadgill (2015)

8.     Ulrich Ellison – Scarborough Fair
Self recording from performance at the Bluesiana
in Velden on 22nd of October 2015

9.     Ulrich Ellison & Tribe – Rollin´And Tumblin
performed live during the Synergy Tour 2014
        download from http://ulrichellison.com

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