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250 - Band Of Friends... Too Much Is Not Enough

ABSOLUTE ROCK – The Classic Rock Hour

am 13.12.2013 bei radio AGORA 105,5 

am 14.12.2013 bei Radio Ypsilon

am 15.12.2013 bei Radio Flora

Am 13.12.2013 bei radio AGORA 105,5
von 2100-2200 in Kärnten auf  105.5 MHz oder im livestream

Am 14.12.2013 bei Radio Ypsilon von 2100-2200
(Wh.: von 1100-1200)
in Hollabrunn auf 94.5, in Retz und Znojmo auf 102.2

Am 15.12.2013 bei Radio Flora von 1300-1400
(Wh. 27.12.2013 zwischen 2000-2200)


ABSOLUTE ROCK - The Classic Rock Hour
Nr.250:  Band Of  Friends..... Too Much Is Not Enough

Time to celebrate the 250th  edition of ABSOLUTE ROCK! And for this I have special guests:

The Band Of Friends recently played a great concert at the Bluesiana in Velden and I had a chance before the concert to talk to the band members. These are: Gerry McAvoy on bass, Ted McKenna on drums and Marcel Scherpenzeel. McAvoy and McKenna played for years with Rory Gallgher, whose music they celebrated during their gig in Velden.

But the trio recorded also a few new songs, who were just released on CD together with a DVD of one of their concerts of last year performing tunes written by Rory Gallgher.
The new CD is called „Too Much is Not Enough“.
For more information please go to:

I talked to them about their motivation to form the Band Of Friends, abot heir relation with Rory Gallgher, and ther new album. 
For a devoted Gallagher like me the perfect topic to celebrate edition 250 J of this classic rock program. Hope you will enjoy it, too!!!!

Rock On!



1.    Band Of Friends – Dreamcatcher
                  Too Much Is Not Enough (2013)

 2.    Band Of Friends – Leap Of Faith
                  Too Much Is Not Enough (2013)

3.      Band Of Friends – The Last Of The Independents
                  rec. live at the Bluesiana, Velden on 2013-11-02

4.      Band Of Friends – I Don´t Cry
                  Too Much Is Not Enough (2013)

5.      Band Of Friends – Body And Soul
                  Too Much Is Not Enough (2013)

6.      Band Of Friends – If I Had A Reason
                  Too Much Is Not Enough (2013)

7.      Band Of Friends – Sing It With The Band
                  Too Much Is Not Enough (2013)

8.      Band Of Friends – Succubus
                  Too Much Is Not Enough (2013)

9.      Band Of Friends – Shadow Play
                 rec. live at the Bluesiana, Velden on 2013-11-02

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