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“ABSOLUTE ROCK – The Classic Rock Hour”
am 27.07.2012 bei Radio Agora 
am 28.07.2012 bei Radio Ypsilon
am 29.07.2012 bei Radio Flora


Am 27.07.2012 bei Radio Agora
von 2100-2200 in Kärnten auf  105.5 MHz
oder im livestream
Am 28.07.2012 bei Radio Ypsilon von 2100-2200(Wh.: 03.08.2012 von 1100-1200)
in Hollabrunn auf 94.5, in Retz und Znojmo auf 102.2 oder im livestream

Am 29.07.2012 bei Radio Flora von 1300-1400
(Wh. 03.08.2012 zwischen 2000-2200)
im livestream

“ABSOLUTE ROCK – The Classic Rock Hour”

Nr.178: Some Slow Some Speedy

Und zur Abwechslung einmal eine Sendung auf Englisch.: Some Slow Some Speedy – that´s what I called this programme. We gonna start of slowly wih Snowy White and a Long Summer Day and Bob Seeger with whom we´ve got tonight, go with Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) to the Eastern Steps, have a touch of the big Deep Purple family with David Coverdale and Tommy Bolin, get some great Santana, get in the mood for a sailing trip in the Indian Ocean with Taj Mahal, have Billy Joel singing about Zanzibar. Via the swamps and CCR we enjoy a fire at midnight with Ian Anderson and his Jethro Tull, before Alexis Corner´s CCS sees a hurricane coming.

Hope you enjoy.

Wolfgang Platzer

1.)         Snowy White – Long Summer Days
                       Snowy White (Land of Freedom) (1984)

2.)         Bob Seeger & the Silver Bullet Band – We´ve Got Tonight
                       Nine Tonight (1981)

3.)         Carl Verheyen Band – Eastern Steppes
                      Trading ´s (2009)

4.)         David Coverdale – Sunny Days
                     White Snake (1977)

5.)         James Gang – Standing In The Rain
          Bang (1973)

6.)         Tommy Bolin with John Scofield– Savannah Woman
                       Great Gypsy Soul (2012)

7.)         Santana – Daughter of the Night
                       Havanna Moon (1983)

8.)         Taj Mahal Meets The Cultural Music Club of Zanzibar– Dhow Countries
Dhow Countries (2005)

9.)         Biily Joel – Zanzibar
                      12 Gardens Live (2006)

10.)     Creedence Clearwater Revival – The Night Time Is The Right Time
                        Green River (1969)

11.)     Jethro Tull – Fire At Midnight
                        Songs From The Wood (1977)

12.)     CCS – Hurricane Coming (Bonus Track)
                        The Best Band In The Land (1973)

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